World TV and Radio tuner


Enjoy worldwide TV and Radio in your computer



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More than 1200 TV channels and 7800 radio stations are waiting for you in this really good worldwide online TV player.

The quality you'll find when we run World TV and Radio tuner will be higher than you expect. You can enjoy channels from all around the word.

Thanks to this kind of programs you'll be able to practice that language you are learning or simply watch TV in your bedroom, in the kitchen, in the park,... if there's internet connection, there will be a TV.

Furthermore, it also offers you thousands of radio stations, the music experience from all around the world in your computer's speakers.

Although it is adware, the adware included is not intrusive, it's just a toolbar where you'll find some extras.


Worldt TVRT only can be launched from worldtvradio's toolbar which is included in the installation.

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